Blog Table: Why you should vote.

Blog Table: Why you should vote.


How quickly these last four years have passed. Seems like my man, Obama, just got elected, right? Maybe that’s just me. Nonetheless, it’s time to once again elect who’s going to lead this country nowhere lol. Nah, I’m kidding . . . or am I.

*straight face*

No matter what your views are on voting, politics, and the like, this is pretty big election year. Me and Q Guru weigh in on just how big.



Now . . . when it comes to voting, I’m torn. I’ve made it perfectly clear on CoS that I’m the biggest conspiracy theorist in the world. Illuminate, twin towers cover up – I believe all that shit. Being black, I feel we’re damn near obligated to be conspiracy theorists; we’ve experienced the shit first hand (see WakeUP Series). That being said, this election is different. Though I don’t fuck with either candidate – no I am NOT an Obama jock rider – we cannot, and I repeat, we CANNOT let ya boy, Mitt Romney, get into the White House.  It would be the worst thing to happen to America since fast food. He may mess around and ECLIPSE the grocery list of fuck ups George W. made.

I just LAUGHED at this

Why do I feel this way you ask? Let’s see here:

Reasons I don’t fuck with Mitt Romney
1. He’s rich as SHIT. i.e. he can’t relate to 98% of our nation’s population. How can you make decisions for people you don’t understand?
2. He’s old as SHIT. Granted, 65 isn’t exactly ancient, but let’s be honest here, if you’re a babyboomer, typically, you’re mad out of touch. The difference between their generation and our generation is night and day, black and white, short and tall – yet, another demographic he wouldn’t be able to relate to. And quite frankly, we’re the most important age group in this country right now.
3. He’s a Morman. I don’t know why I don’t like it. I just don’t. I don’t want a Morman President.
4. He’s a jerk. I just don’t like how he carries himself. He’s not a man you root for.
5. I don’t like his face. Again, he’s not a man you root for.
6. The type of white people I don’t like endorse him. Fuck all you n****s.
7. His policies suck. They’re just as ancient as him.
Jill Stein Getting Arrested this Year for a Bank Sit-in

I’ll stop there. At the end of the day, I WANT to vote for Jill Stein because she cares more about the people than Obama and Mitt combined. Unfortunately, there will be a blizzard in hell before she even sniffs the White House because she lacks financial support; money wins regardless of your policies because scrilla and visibility are synonymous within the game of politics. Flat out.

So get out there and vote, so we can stop ya boy, Mitt, from causing our “great nation”, which is already on life support, to flatline.
If you’re choosing not to vote – at least get out and vote for Jill Stein. #WhyNot
FUNFACT: 1. They estimate this election will have the smallest turnout in US history. 2. The number of people that voted for the last American Idol winner is larger than the estimated number of people that are going to vote.  2. If everyone who’s choosing not to vote, decided to vote for Jill Stein, she’d win.
Wrap your head around that.

Q Guru

I think the Presidential campaign is just one big charade, so I can understand why some people don’t want to vote. Like MicRNS I’m a young conspiracy theorist myself, so I don’t believe the President holds nearly as much power as some may think. I believe that money rules everything, so President or not somebody is probably in their ear and in their pockets. Nonetheless, I believe that this election has the potential to be one of the biggest that us black and lower class folks may see in our lifetime.

To be quite frank, I think Mitt Romney is a rich white man who could give absolutely zero f*%ks about us lower class folk. I’m literally AFRAID of what it means for us lower class citizens if Romney ends up in the White House. I do believe that Mitt Romney is one hell of a business man, and knows the ins and outs of making money, but unfortunately America is a nation, not a business, and these are millions of people’s lives and well beings we’re placing in his hands if he were to win.
I’ve been following the campaign for the past year and I’m still very unsure about what Romney’s plan is to stabilize the economy. Yeah he talks about his “5-point plan” to create 12 million jobs, but what exactly are these 5 points? Other than that the whole campaign seemed to revolve around reiterating what Obama has done and saying that he won’t do the same things, “Obama did this, we won’t do that!” , but that still doesn’t tell us what you WILL do. Is recapping and bashing a man’s four year term as President enough to win? It appears to be a strong possibility. 
It seems as if Obama antagonists will vote for anybody with opposable thumbs and a beating heart, just so long as it isn’t Obama. Everyone has the right to their own opinion, but I personally don’t understand how anyone who is minority and lower class can feel confident in voting for someone who has absolutely no understanding of their needs and concerns. And who I honestly think doesn’t care for that matter. But to each their own, go cast your vote either way. Otherwise just be aware that your criticism and slander are void over the next 4 years when it comes time to complain about all of the things the President is, or isn’t, doing.

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