Five: Things I Hate

Five: Things I Hate


I was on my way to work last night – drowsy, irritated, hungry – and came up with the idea for this post. There’s a lot of shit in life that I just HATE. Things I’m sure most of you can related to. So, let’s have at it.

 Six Things I hate doing

1.  Working.
Let me be more specific, I don’t hate working, in the sense that I’m a lazy bum who doesn’t want to do anything all day. I hate working because I’m deeply underutilized, it consumes my life, and the hours suck. Imagine if you got to do whatever your heart desired (in my case create) all the time. You woke up when you wanted to wake up, went to sleep when you wanted to sleep, had sex when you wanted to have sex – all that – and still had all the time in the world to do what you love. In my opinion, work takes away from the joy of life. People, in the general sense, aren’t meant to be cogs in a machine. We’re ment to create, to learn, to love, to laugh, to raise a family – things that all happen to be secondary in the world we live in. How much does it piss you off that you were in school for 22 years of your life to be a cog in the machine? I don’t know about you, but that’s infuriating for me.
2. Waking Up.


I don’t hate the act of waking up, necessarily. I hate being  FORCED to wake up. I just want to sleep and wake up when my body’s ready to wake up. Fuck alarms, man. Fuck being exhausted. Fuck getting 4-6 hours of sleep. Fuck all that shit lol.
3. Being told what to do.

No I won’t.


Not many people know this about me, but I can. not. STAND to be told what to do. I don’t know why. I’ve been this way my entire life. Ooo wee, and don’t let yourself tell me to do some shit I was already planning on doing. My head might literally blow up. I’m convinced I have a problem with authority. I’ve gotten into it with Professors, police, librarians, my mom, my aunt, girlfriends – just don’t talk at me is what it comes down to. ASK me to do some shit and MAYBE I’ll do it. Don’t tell me. I may accidentally jap. Is that derogatory? I’ve always wondered where the hell “jap” came from. But I digress. Speaking of japping.
4. Being mad.

I don’t get mad often. It’s just not my “thing”. But when I do get mad it happens fast and I don’t just get mad, I get MAD – all caps. Like, I’m the biggest jerk known to MAN when I’m mad. And everybody gets it. You can have absolutely nothing to do with my anger, but shit, you step in the path of train . . . you get hit. I apologize. Your bad for being around lbs. I usually just get quiet though – so if you see me quiet with an extremely calm face, don’t speak to me. You’ve been warned.
5. Being sad.

Aww look at him.


I’m pretty sure ya boy has some kind of chemical imbalance. You know how some people are naturally chipper? Or naturally an ass? I’m naturally in my feelings. Like, I feed off the energy of people, so if I go an extended period without talking or seeing somebody – I’m lowkey the saddest man. I’m not sure many people know this. But I’m telling yall because we have a very special relationship, and I trust yall. I’m thinking once my situation betters in life, I’ll be straight, though. When you work a job you despise, hang with 2-3 people barely twice a week, stuck living at the crib at 25 struggling side by side with your ma, in a state you don’t particularly fuck with, maybe you have a right to be down from time to time. It’s life.
6. Throwing up/ Being nauseous.


I have a phobia. Have sense I was little. Whenever I see throw up, or someone looks like they’re about to throw up. I literally – LITERALLY – run away. Like someone pulled out a got damn gun. I’m out there quicker than you can say “puh”.
And that about wraps this up, children.
Until next time,
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