FIVE: Things I Love About Women

FIVE: Things I Love About Women


This goes without saying, but I’m a fan of all things woman. Like . . . I really love the shit out of y’all. Y’all’s my favorite thing in this world — next to Pizza and the Internet — and I mainly be on the internet looking at y’all. Since I love y’all so much, I decided to list the FIVE things I love most about you . . . well . . . the FIVE things I love about MOST of you, rather. You know who you are.

Five Things I love About Women

1. Their Body

Bilal – “Soul Sistah” (2000)

I’m a man. Not saying this is number one on my list, but uh . . . it’s number one on my list. Mmm mm mm. Can’t get enough of it.

Now when I say “their body”, I don’t have a specific template in mind. I’m an equal opportunity lover. i.e. I love the female body in GENERAL: Big (with in reason), small (within reason), short, tall — elbow, thigh, knee, calve, shoulder . . . I love it all. But, naturally, I have favorites:

1. Butt — Yup, pretty sure this is every man’s favorite. I, personally, don’t need a big ridiculous ass bottom. Just something soft I can hold on to. You know? Rest my head on from time to time.

2. Thighs — I loves me some thick ass thighs. Some squeeze the life out of me thighs. Not so much a fan of the small jawns, i.e. You got the gap in the middle where they don’t touch. Just my preference.

3. Breasts — I don’t really need my breasts to be big . . . to be real . . . you just have to HAVE them lol. I’m more concerned with the nipple.

4. Feet — I loves me some pretty toes. I may, low key, have a fetish, but we’re not going to talk about it. Petpeeve? A woman with man feet. I don’t care if you hooped for twelve years, take care of them jawns or get out my bed. I could meet the best woman in the world. She could have every characteristic I imagine my wife having. If she has fucked up feet? I’m straight, son. Y’all can have her.

“Boomerang” (1992)

2. Their Mind

Nothing turns me on more than a woman with a mind. “Whatchu mean a mind? We all got minds?” Yes. But do you all use them? No. I like a woman that’s going to challenge me, keep me on my toes. A woman that loves to learn, ask questions, make decisions — hit me with some perspective. Reads for liesure. A legitimate brain. In other words, she has to be my equal, or beyond, intellectually.

3. Their Style

Aholics Anonymous – Cheg It!

I fuck with women’s fashion. I genuinely feel like I have an eye for it. So, when a woman can string some shit together . . . ¬†*slow head nod* . . . that’s some sexy shit. For real. She keep her hair right, nails did, make up’s on point — just accentuating what she already got . . . MAN . . . and don’t add a sent. I’ll fuck around and start floating after her like them cartoons.

4. Their Womanhood

I dig women who are PROUD to be women. Those, “you can’t tell me shit…*sings* I’mmm everyyy womannnnn!” Type women. They believe in their power, their beauty, their beliefs. Their strengths . . .

5. Their Strength

Women are some of the strongest people walking this earth. They have to pop out chi’ren. They have to BLEED every month. They have to breast feed (don’t have to, but often opt to). They have to deal with vast inequalities every second of their lives. And on top of all that, they have to deal with US — men. Granted, we have to deal with them and the repercussions that come with ¬†everything I just listed. But we still got it easy . . . SUPER easy when it comes to them. A man wouldn’t get out of bed, let alone go to work, look after their family, go to school, cook — none of that y’all do on the REGULAR, with some menstrual cramps. Wouldn’t happen. So I commend y’all.


I love women. I love y’all. I LOVE y’all. Y’all the shit.

Later Days,


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