Q and A: That’s Racist!

Q and A: That’s Racist!

Hey. That’s Racist.

I’ll never stop laughing at this gif. ^^^


Since you’re all so outspoken and all, I wondered if I could suggest a blog topic? I’m not saying this to cause offense, or deliberately be politically incorrect or any of that nonsense, but could you explain what causes offense to you in terms of racism, definitively? Would put an end to all that rubbish that kids in school aren’t allowed to say “b aba black sheep” because it’s offensive! Thanks! JPS, following you guys.



Such a good question.  There’s always somewhat of a grey area when trying to decipher what’s considered “racist” because it’s all relative to the individual . . .

But before I get into that, I’d like to give a #shoutout to you for checking us out all the way from London town ( I believe that’s where you’re from, my bad if I’m mistaken)! Ayy!

*runs around the pub*

Anywho, so – what’s racist? To ME.

Look at em. Learnin.

Well, I have a unique background. I spent a large portion of my childhood living in a predominately white area, i.e. I was the only black person in my school, disregarding my relatives. So, I’ve experienced some pretty blatant racism first hand. I’ve been called “Nigger” several times. I’ve been ran off the road by angry white men in cars while biking. I’ve received my share of “you don’t belong here” stares. The whole nine.  Most black people haven’t experienced racism to that extent, which is a good thing, but this lack of experience also leads to black people, some not all, thinking the absolute DUMBEST shit is racist.

For ex. Mi Madre.

A white Beatrice (bitch, I’m trying to break the habit) could budge in front of my mom in line, and she makes it a race thing.  A white Beatrice could work at a T-Mobile call center and give my mom bad service, and it’s a race thing. So, it definitely depends on the person.

That being said, some of the shit Caucasians do unknowingly is just flat out racist. But in the grand scheme of things, they just don’t know any better. Knowing what’s “politically correct” is outside they’re realm of experience.

Bless their little ignorant hearts.

For ex.

“Can I touch your hair.” I’m pretty sure every Black in America is sick as a polio inflicted schizophrenic of this question. The question itself isn’t racist. It’s the comment after we say, “sure.”

Which usually includes some dumb shit like — “Wow! Feels like carpet!” Or Velcro, or some other bogus ass shit our hair has no business being compared to.


When Caucasian’s adopt “Ebonics” or Black slang just because they’re talking to a black person.

For ex.

“Hey! What’s up, dog?What’s popping tonight?” Bitch you don’t talk like that, fuck out my face.


When a black subject arises in class and everyone looks at the lone black kid in class waiting for them to chime in. We’ve all been there. And if our livelihood/ college degree wasn’t hanging in the balance, we’d probably unleash the full extent of our blackness on the entire class. But we don’t. Because we’ve been trained only to let our blackness out in the safety of our homes—and in our heads, where Caucasian’s are all types of “peckerwood’s, honkey’s, and dumb white bitches.”

Hmm what else?

Oh, black face. That shit will never NOT be racist. I don’t care if you’re trying to look like Charles Barkley, Will Smith, or any random ass black celebrity. Just don’t paint your face black. America’s fucked up history with the custom is engraved in the psyche of every black person walking. Don’t do it.


All things considered, Blacks need not be touchy about certain things.

For instance:

We don’t like to hear other people bash our race, whether it’s in politics, on TV, in discussions—it doesn’t matter. We don’t fucking like it. It can be 100% true, we don’t care. Don’t call yourself letting a syllable of foul shit come out your mouth about blacks and not be black; all hell will break lose. We feel we’re the only ones entitled to talk shit about our people, and that’s how it’s always going to be; we’re defensive by nature.

BUT can we really be mad?

The black in me says, “hell yeah!”

But the logic in me says, “eh, them mufucker’s  kind of have a point.” 

At the end of the day, our world is constantly evolving – the past is getting further and further away for people who AREN’T black—People who don’t have to deal with our reality on a daily basis, which quite frankly, is more fucked up than any other demographic in this country.  So like it or not, we’re kind of obligated to deal with unnecessary backlash we receive for our actions until we decide we want to act right as a community. If we stop exemplifying the stereotypes, maybe they’ll change.

Another reason we should probably cool out on getting uptight when something “racist” happens is the fact that we ourselves are undoubtedly THEE MOST racist mufuckers since Jim Crow himself. If you hung out with a group of black people for 24 hours you’d know exactly what I’m talking about. We bash everybody: Whites, Asians, Hispanics, Indians (Feather and Red Dot ßexample), Africans, ourselves –no one is safe. We’re a culture of hate in many ways. This idea may anger a lot of blacks, but they know it’s rns (real n*gga shit). We’d hate on Jesus  Chirst if his gospel wasn’t sewn into the very fabric of our souls. Shit, I wouldn’t be surprised if there was a hatin’ ass n*gga at the last supper talmbout, “This n*gga Jesus think he tight cause he changed water into wine. Hmph. Wanna impress me? How bout you turn that mufuckin bread into a steak ya showin off ass, hair of wool havin ass n*gga!”

Yup. You guessed it. Cuz in the orange.
But I digress.

I hope I answered your question.

Later Days,


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