Blog Table: A Message for the People

Blog Table: A Message for the People

What’s good, Squares?
If you haven’t noticed. We’ve added a handful of folks to the circle and we’re more than a little bit excited. This means more posts, different perspectives, and new ideas. 2013 is shaping up to be a grand year for Cos. A grand year indeed. That being said, this is probably one of our most potent blog tables yet.
If you had the opportunity to get a message across to a large group, what would your message be?

You know . . . it wouldn’t be too different from the shit I’m constantly writing on Cos. Our societal structure isn’t conducive to a healthy lifestyle – mentally nor physically. The vast majority of our population has to smoke something or drink something just to keep from taking a shower with a toaster.  10% of our population suffers from depression. That’s 1 in 10 people. Now put that in perspective. That’s a deeply sick society. So, if I had to get a message across to a large group, I suppose I’d simply plead for people to focus on what really matters in life – family, friends, love, self expression, fun, laughter – all the shit that makes each of us want to get up in the morning. Money/ capitalism/ consumerism, technology – industrialization, has ruined humanity. Happiness became something we had to SEARCH for as opposed to something that was fundamentally inherentin all of us. Shit’s played. As hell. So, yeah, if I had to summerize my message into a phrase, it’d be, “START LIVING!” Because we’re not. The bulk of us only live for two days out of the week. Now if you stretch that out for a lifetime how much of your life would you have wasted?
2 days a week for 52 weeks = 104 days/365 for 40 years? 4160/14,600 = .285 or 30%. Thirty. Percent.
If I just described you (lord knows I just described myself), you’re on track to waste roughly ¾ of your life. For what? A buck? A big TV?  A fancy car? A big ass house? A coach purse? Prestige? Awards? “Success”? Did all of these things make you happy? At what expense? What did you have to sacrifice? Time with your family? Friends? Yourself? Sure, you lived, but did you live? ¾ of your life. Think about it. Yolo.D-Frankly

The first message that I would like to get across is beauty truly is in the eye of the beholder…and the beholder should first and foremost be yourself. Women have this inherent need to fucking put themselves down constantly…even the ones with great self esteem. We really do come in all different shapes and sizes and we cannot continue to come compare ourselves to everyone else. This is a HUGE lesson I’m just NOW starting to learn and I have a long way to go. But if I could get this message across to some young impressionable minds so they don’t have to struggle in their young adult and beyond life, I would do so.The second message I would like to get across is to know your history. This is big! I’m not saying you have to go and read Malcolm X and do an underground railroad reinactment (although this might jump start your research.) I’m simply saying know YOUR history. This could be as simple as knowing who BOTH your parents are and where they come from. Maybe it’s learning that your family is from Trinidad or Germany. Whatever the case may be, knowing where you came from is important to understand where you are going. You may discover that your families ancestry is something that you don’t really want to be a part of or repeat, but you don’t know until you know. Knowledge truly is power ya dig!

Q Guru

If I had the attention of a large audience the main message I would try to get across is that life is about pursuing your passions. Because although this message may be a no-brainer for some of us everyone doesn’t look at life this way. Especially the older generations. A lot of them tend to be more traditional so they attempt to find a good job and make a decent living, all while not really having much to call their own, and not having much that makes them truly happy. And often even our generation — and younger generations — allow ourselves to get caught up in the idea of what others expect us to be doing, or what we THINK we should be doing, rather than going hard at our actually calling. I think this kind of coincides with what MicRNS was saying to some extent. From the time we are adults we’re expected to work and make a living for ourselves. Between being at work, getting ready every morning/evening, and the commute to and fro, that’s about 9-12 hours of your day that you spend doing and preparing for a job. Now if you aren’t actually passionate about it and are just collecting a check imagine how much of that time you’re wasting. That’s potentially HALF of your day, and once you add in the time that you’re sleep that’s about 2/3 – 3/4 of your time that you spending doing something you give absolutely zero F%CKS about. That’s sad.

Like Confucius said, “Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life”, this is EXACTLY how it should be looked at. When you’re doing things you enjoy it’s not a burden, it’s an honor. You go from doing boring, mundane tasks to tasks that bring your joy and feel rewarding. The only way to achieve this is by pursuing your passions and making them a part of your everyday life.

As human beings — especially us black folks — we need to be more conscious of time. Too many of us live our lives like we’re never going to do die, never actually taking time out to think about the bigger picture, or what we want to accomplish. But rather living life just going through the motions and being content with our current situations. Just being “content” should NEVER be considered an acceptable longterm option in life. Now that I think about it, it shouldn’t even be acceptable in the short term. We all have one life to live, why waste the precious time we do have doing things that really don’t matter to us?

Danez TwerkSum

Dear Everybody,

Our education system hasn’t done anything creative for many decades now. Yes, there are pockets of educators here and there doing things in a fresh and new way, but many of them still exist in the vacuum of a system that undermines the multiplicities  of our students, their unique strengths and individual challenges, their needs and their rights. Many of our teachers are not given the tools nor training needed to address today’s educational challenges. These kids are battling poverty in a real way, existing in a world that is still trying to shape its new self while our schools continue to be outdated. I would take this chance to talk about Finland and how SUPER POPPIN their education system is, or about Urban Prep in Chicago and all the gallant work they are doing, but you can read about that yourself. What I will say is that we all need to be talking about education and figuring out the best solution for all of our students (and that doesn’t mean 1 cure all either!). I am simply asking that we spend as much time thinking about education as we do about whether or not Beyonce sang songs live (and I care deeply about that too). If we change education for the better, we are actively changing all parts of our society for the better as well. We need to get creative. We need to throw out the


Have you tried ranch dressing in your mashed potatoes? It legit doesn’t even taste like ranch, but it makes them joints creamy as hell!

Vanessa M

Man, the first thing would be to do my best Lawrence Fishburne – stand up on the podium and yell, “WAKE UP!!!!!”

Seriously, SERIOUSLY pay attention. If you’re not even a little frustrated, you’re missing out on what’s really going on. People are really struggling, while others are quick to throw out the last iShit for the newest iShit. We are so entitled and so self involved (and it’s NOT just one generation-it’s our nation today), that we forget how much we truly have. I will never forget being about 17, driving around with my girls and shootin’ the shit, when one of them complains about Christmas coming up. “I won’t get anything great, because I donno what I want.” I tell her (while we drive around in her own ride) that having a house and healthy family is a pretty sweet deal.

“Yeah” she said, “But everyone has that.”

You can blame it on 17, but there are grown ass people with the same mentality. If someone has to tell you what you have, you’re too far gone!! All of these materials we say we need today, are only given to SOME of us while the rest do without in the same 21st century . The news can be somewhat helpful when searching for answers (though many questions can also arise ) but even meeting people outside of your circle, chatting it up with whomever, can bring insight to someone else’s story. We can’t become the best of ourselves, or gain memorable experiences, or relationships, if we rely solely on ourselves for gratification. C-O-M-M-U-N-I-T-Y, people. Say it with me.

Private Theory 

*grabs microphone*

Well folks….ya know…if I had a moment to talk to everyone — I’d say something so profound and memorable people would make statues of me.

The problem is I wouldn’t know what to say. Let’s face it — I’m religious, I’m spiritual, I believe there is A right and A wrong. I hold that things cannot be done without repercussions; either positive or negative. I believe balance is a universal law but equality is a bullshhhh philosophy. I do not believe we were all created equal yet we still have inalienable rights. Somewhere I’d throw in there that there IS a heaven and there IS a hell. There is A good and many evils. Most importantly what I’d try to get across to the masses is that there are two inherent forces at work on this earth warring against one another. Many of the people we see are pawns and many of the people, groups, and organizations we do not see are the Knights and Bishops. We are living in a terminal chess game where pieces are being used to maneuver and control the board. There will be a winner and a loser. There is no REDO in life and what we do yesterday cannot and will not ever change. Life is terminal and will eventually end. Each and everyday we are alive needs to have purpose. We are alive on average only 27,740 days on earth. Most of us have lived the first third of our lives already.

Our time is short and like my Bishop continually reminds us that our life is but a vapor, a simple dash between two numbers. No matter how great you are or how little you are, your life will only culminate into a dash… 1987-2087….

Now for some this may seem all gloomy and negative but LETS STOP acting like we will never die and will live forever. LETS take our lives seriously and get to work. We do not have time to put things off for tomorrow. Each and everyday is a step closer to eternity. WE HAVE to GO TO WORK to better life for future generations and in the process BEAR WITNESS….. FIGHT the good FIGHT and pass the torch. No more time to waste on idle conversation and bickering. LETS GET OURSELVES TOGETHER AND GET UP AND DO. NO MATTER WHAT YOU BELIEVE… FAITH WITHOUT WORKS IS DEAD… GET UP AND DO….!!!!!!

*drops mic*


What would your message be to the world? Leave your comment below. We’d love to see it.


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