Blog Table: Things that Need to Make a Comeback

Blog Table: Things that Need to Make a Comeback


Everybody has something they grew up on that’s super fuggin nostalgic — something they wish would make a comeback. Whether it’s a pet rock, Poetic Justice braids, the word “fresh”, or thug ass movies like “Menace 2 Society — we all have something.

We decided to list some of the things we miss. Hopefully some of it will resonate with you.



D Frankly:

3 Things I miss!

Polly Pockets- I bet you’re wondering Polly Pockets? Those shits is still out. Well not the ones I grew up with. Polly Pocket is big as hell now. When I grew up it was the size of a blush compact. Now it’s some fucking extravagant ass shit. Big ass houses and sets and all this crap. Explain to me how I’m supposed to fit them big ass doll houses Polly has now a days in my pocket?
This Big as Fuck
Wasn’t the whole point of Polly Pocket was so you have a doll house that could essentially fit in your pocket? You mean to tell me my unborn daughters gotta have a big ass backpack to carry Polly’s fucking MANSION around. That shit’s whack!
The saying “All that and a bag of chips”- Hey I’m not gonna lie…every now and then I have the urge to make this utterance…and then I have to stop myself cause I think “damn I’m bout to super date myself.” FUCK THAT MAN! I want this to come back so I can say it. Corny as it may be….this saying was….all that and a bag of chips….or how about this (cue Kris Kross tune) IT’S THE BOMB!
The Back Pack Purse- Ya’ll remember those? MY SHIIITTT! Definitely had like 3 of them mugs. A purple, red  and black one. I actually seen a lady with one of them on the other day….and she was looking super old school. I was thinking “major fail lady,” but in the same moment I wanted mine back! I mean how much more convenient would my life be right now if I could carry all my crap on my back in a little purse rather than my shoulder? LOL They were onto something back in the 90s seriously!


Hmmm . . . what’s some shit I miss . . . ?


I wish the Afrocentricity of the early 90’s would make a comeback. Think House Party 2 — the “knowledge is power” rally.

Or Cross Colours.

The 90’s generation of Blacks had a better connection with our past/ history — more of a respect for it:

You seen Africa, or African colors (black, red, green, yellow) on every fucking thing. We seen black fists on everything, our forefathers (Malcolm X, Martin Luther, Etc) plastered on EVERYTHING.
Mufuckers was sporting African inspired attire, Kufi’s, natural hairstyles were at an all time high. Afrocentrism was at an all time high. It was in our music, in our movies — I grew up being surrounded by blackness and all its beauty. Something this younger generation definitely lacks.
So, I wouldn’t be mad if it made a comeback.

Q Guru:

One thing that I miss about the 90’s and wish would make a comeback is the sitcoms. Black sitcoms just seemed as if they were a lot more successful back then. But I guess the same can be said for black movies.

In the 90’s our people were not only representing us and our culture but doing so in a positive light. Think of shows like A Different World and Family Matters. I feel confident in saying that we all love to see black people going to college and having stable, two parent homes.

Living Single was also one of the more popular shows in the 90’s. Featuring not only an all black cast but was also one of the few shows to be centered around African American women.
Lastly, the 90’s featured some of the funniest sitcoms of all time – in my opinion – with shows such as Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, Martin, and The Jamie Foxx show.
Basically I just miss seeing my people on tv and not looking ignorant. Nowadays it seems like if we’re on tv the sitcoms don’t last long/aren’t funny or entertaining, or it’s a reality tv show where we’re acting an ass. Oh yeah and there’s Maury too, but I won’t get started on that buffoonery.
Private Theory:
Simply, the fad I want to come back asap is the one of people dancing and having fun. Nothing bothers me more than people not dancing or having fun when we go out at night. The entire purpose of going out is to have fun, unwind and possibly dance. You don’t have to Twerk and work up a sweat, or any of that jazz but two stepping, slow winding, grooving on the dance floor is not much to ask.

A lot of people have become so insecure they’re afraid to let loose out there and enjoy themselves. Self-conscious to the point of paralysis. I hope one day the fad of everyone going out to have fun returns. It’s rare now to catch a club night or lounge spot where people are out really enjoying themselves. There have been nights when people didn’t dance but were upbeat and lively, smiling, grooving in their chairs and interacting.
I guess another blog would be for us to get back to communicating and interacting with one another when we are out before everyone is drunk. But I’ll leave it here, let’s get back to having fun for the sake of fun and stop going out to gain social status or sleep with eeerbody. I mean Cmon errbody??? That’s just nasty…
And I’m out…
Mr. Los
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