Stop Eating The Strawberry

I’m not really sure how to start this off but I have a feeling this one might hit home for a lot of people out here in square-ville.
The best way to start this off would be to give some background info based on the story…
A woman was having issues with her man… (Who would’ve thunk it) 
The problem she had isn’t unique to her life but something I assume many women have an issue with in regards to their relationships. (I’m sure men have the same unspoken issues as well)
Her man wasn’t quite living up to the “standard” or “bar” that she set for him and their relationship. The man, through continual let downs, had brought the tension of the relationship to a head and it was on the brink of being dismantled. Now she pondered why such behavior continued in their relationship when she consistently urged for better.
On a last ditched effort the brother attempted to create a relaxing evening for her with chocolate covered strawberries, some liquor and a massage. Sounds like an extraordinary time for most…
Oh However…….. his execution though noble was tacky for a lack of the better word. I’m no strawberry and chocolate expert but he took a package of strawberries, dumped them into a bowl and poured good ole, Hershey’s chocolate (imitation) ice cream syrup on them without removing the leaves. He then tossed them in the bowl like a salad with excess syrup in the bottom of the bowl.
Yum Right???
Well it gets better…
I’m no dessert and liquor pairing expert but word on the street is you pair chocolate covered strawberries with champagne. He on the other hand paired it with white wine… A certain case of diarrhea I’m told. Now here I cannot knock the brother because I didn’t know this HOWEVER in my attempt to “spoil” I would have researched this component and gotten it right. Nonetheless, his attempts fell short AGAIN of the bar that had been set by his woman and their relationship.
Even though she is upset by his efforts and CONTINUAL subpar performance as he attempts to feed her a strawberry she refuses to accept BUT after persuasive sweet talking he convinces her to STILL partake in his subpar behavior.
HERE is where the blog gets going because at this point in the conversation… I am cracking up and I wonder… YOOO why the hell did you eat it though…? And DRANK the wine…
So I postured to her in our discussion as we went on a tangent about some other ish…
Thinking about life…
If he is allowed to perform piss poorly and you still feed into it and nibble on his strawberry and 
accept his poor performance… WHY would he need to step it up…?
I believe as a man… we mostly evolve and grow through requirements, standards AND that most men 95% won’t grow mature or evolve unless they are required to. (Shout out to the 5% of men who supersede without requirements… I’m not one of them)
In her relationship the man had reached his plateau in his evolution… Probably before they got together and didn’t need to grow much at all because he had her and etc. Even though she required more of him she through evidence in eating the strawberry… Accepted his poor behavior/performance even though it wasn’t what she required.
I made it similar to a student and teacher in class. IF the teacher is requiring high standards for their class to receive an A but the student does D- work and she still rewards them with an A or high mark… What incentive does this student (man) have to improve their work or in this case performance if it will still be accepted and they are allowed to get by.
The student and the man will skate by with whatever they’ve previously done if there are no incentives for better performance or deterrents for piss poor performance. Thus she found herself handicapping the very high standards she had required of him. Certainly, the strawberry is not the first and only example but the first I knew about.
Now not picking on her, this situation probably speaks volumes as to what we see on a regular basis from men and women. If we, as partner in any relationship, do not demand a higher standard or as Steve Harvey said it, “require” more from them than they will never need to do better.
Closing with the title of the post…
If we wish to enjoy a high quality relationship with people, be them personal, romantic, cordial or business we must STOP eating the strawberry… Stop allowing for subpar performance to reap the benefits of high quality performance. Ladies… stop allowing men to do the bare minimums and get away with it… Men stop letting women slide on some things you wouldn’t stand for and keep the benefits of a top notch woman.
We ALL in some way or another need to STOP EATING THE STRAWBERRY, SEND IT BACK and SAY… If you really want me to partake, if you really want me to get down, and if you really want me to be down… 
Until Next Time,
Mr. Los
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